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Atlanta GA   Energy - Utilities - Gas - Electric Posted: 3 weeks ago  

Job Description:
This organization is looking for Controls Engineers to help support a SCADA (Supervisory Control and Data Acquisition) migration project for one of their long-standing customers. This person will be responsible for the testing and configuration of substations that tie into the new (already designed) SCADA infrastructure. This is a great opportunity to join an industry leading organization and make your mark on an important initiative!

• 2+ years’ experience as a Controls/ Systems Engineer, responsible for testing and configuring substations within a SCADA environment.
• Experience with GE Grid Automation or Schweitzer Engineering Laboratories (SEL) technologies such as GE D20, GE D400, GE UR Relays, GE 5000, SEL RTAC, SEL 400 Series Relays, or SEL PLCs (will take competitors like Novatek as well).
• Strong experience with DNP3 (Distributed Network Protocol 3) or Modbus as communication protocols to facilitate real-time communication between devices in a SCADA system.
• Virtual (ethernet-based) Time Synchronization and serial communications for data transmission between devices.
• Utilization of virtual/satellite clocks (GNSS, GPS) for accurate time signals and synchronization.
• Strong understanding of Factory Acceptance Testing (FAT), to perform through testing and validation of devices to fit the new SCADA design architecture.

Nice to have:
• Experience with Wireshark or other data analysis tools.
• Understanding and experience following NERC CIP standards for cybersecurity protection of energy distribution facilities.
• People local to Arizona.

• Conduct rigorous testing/ configuration of substation control systems within the new SCADA environment/ infrastructure, to validate functionality, performance, and reliability.
• Set up ethernet-based communication networks for data transmission.
• Validate ethernet-based (virtual) time synchronization to ensure that clocks are synchronized accurately across all devices.
• Ensure that time synchronization is properly configured in both the SCADA system and RTUs.
• Review test plans, procedures, and requirements prior to executing test cases, and other functional, integration, performance, or regression testing.

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