15 Online Trends to Watch for in 2018 and Beyond

Innovien Solutions  |    September 2, 2019

The digital space is evolving at a rapid pace. We have the ability to do almost anything we desire online. From choosing our groceries to having them delivered by a drone, online capabilities are on the rise and new trends are just on the horizon.

To find out what online trends we can expect to see in the near term — and whether they will be successful — we asked a panel of entrepreneurs from YEC the following question:

What new revolution do you see taking place online and how might it affect the way we currently do business?

Their best answers are below:

1. Online healthcare

Healthcare costs can be reduced drastically through online consultation. There are already several companies providing health consultations online. Why should we visit a doctor’s office when a doctor will just review a chart and make suggestions — something that can be done online? It reduces costs for doctors, patients, staff and insurance companies. It can make America more competitive. – Piyush Jain, SIMpalm

2. Resurgence of high-end delivery service

Everything that can be automated should be automated, and it is, including online grocery shopping. That means an increase in delivery jobs. Soon, grocery stores will need to develop innovative ways to make their delivery service better than the competition. – Codie Sanchez, www.CodieSanchez.com

3. Digital streamlining

The digital world is going to flip structures and systems, from retail to real estate and everything in between. People who come up with one-touch, one-app solutions for absolutely everything, from ordering food to investing in stocks, are going to be the kings of the coming economy. – Derek Broman, Discount Enterprises LLC deguns.net

4. Widespread blockchain adoption

With the success of cryptocurrencies such as bitcoin and ethereum, more and more businesses and industries are looking for ways to adopt blockchain technology. I believe that the next big leap in communication and information technology lies in the blockchain, as it allows for an even faster transfer of data than ever before. I recommend everyone study the blockchain closely. – Bryce Welker, CPA Exam Guy

5. On-demand services

Like on-demand orders between consumers and businesses, there will be a similar approach for businesses to reach other businesses for services they need that day. While this is only starting, it will become the norm. – Angela Ruth, Calendar

6. Augmented reality glasses

I think AR glasses will be the new revolution that affects the way we do business. They will continue the rising trend of remote work when you’re no longer tied to a desk or computer to complete your work. You could bring your workstation with you anywhere. – Syed Balkhi, OptinMonster

7. Shopping on social media

One revolution already in place but that will probably proliferate is that of shopping on social channels. Businesses should look to listing their inventory or services on places like Facebook, but even newer players such as Pinterest and Instagram, or even more niche sites like Etsy. The world is gravitating more toward the internet for purchasing, and entrepreneurs need to be aware of that. – Andrew Schrage, Money Crashers Personal Finance

8. A rise in courier businesses

As more companies adopt e-commerce and speedy delivery methods, the need for courier services outside FedEx and UPS will grow. I foresee many entrepreneurs — especially those with commercial driver’s licenses, taking advantage and supplying this upcoming demand. – Chris Quiocho, Offland Media

9. eSports revolution

We are still in the first quarter of the eSports revolution. As hard as it is to fathom for those who grew up playing and watching sports, eSports is going to capture significant market share over the next five years and will profoundly impact the strategic planning of businesses across the fields of sports, gaming, entertainment and media. – Adam Mendler, Custom Tobacco

10. Online clothing sales

Clothing is a trillion-dollar industry. Unfortunately, one of the biggest factors currently holding it back from prolific online sales is the fact that no one can truly try on clothes online. There are several companies that are working on the technology to manage this: triMirror, for example. If this problem is solved, you will see clothing be the next big online thing. – Nicole Munoz, Start Ranking Now

11. The way we work

A huge shift that is currently underway is the emergence of a new way of working. The next generation will have an entirely different way of working than what we’re currently familiar with. Going to the office may become a thing of the past. With the internet, there is access to new sources of income. One version of this is permanent freelancers –- who are able to build a global business, working remotely. – Baruch Labunski, Rank Secure

12. Real estate

Companies with a large online presence that have automated components, such as Opendoor, are already buying properties through their website with minimal information received. Zillow and Redfin have the ability to list/sell your property through their online platforms. With this, we will see real estate transactions become more of an online activity where technology makes major advances. – RJ Bates III, Titanium Investments, LLC

13. Online education

I think online education will become the norm in a few years. Experts in their fields that also happen to be great teachers are already giving away lessons for free online. However, it’s not yet widely accepted in lieu of a mainstream degree. But I think that’s changing. – Chris Christoff,MonsterInsights

14. Hiring processes

The way companies hire and bring on talent has yet to be redefined. There is still today the issue of ‘applying into a black hole.’ We believe that is going to change, and resumes will soon become extinct. There are so many better ways to go about this now and to present yourself than a piece of paper. – Camryn Skladany, Innovien Solutions

15. International business

With the world coming closer with new technology solutions, international business will bloom. Cryptocurrency and super convenient and cheaper international peer-to-peer money transfer services like TransferWise will help people trade/hire internationally. Also, high-speed internet and evolving transport management would help market the products/services and deliver those in remote areas. – Liam Martin, TimeDoctor.com


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